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Terms & Conditions

Dear User we are happy to have you here and appreciate your presence. There are certain Terms and Conditions that a user must follow while taking this site into usage. The Terms and Conditions has been in detail described below. Please go through the entire policy to correctly understand the terms. And kindly discontinue the usage of the site if you find any disagreement with any of the terms.

The Data usage

Any form of information present on our site comes under our copyright and should not be reused by the user for their personal or commercial purpose. For using any information present on the site, the user needs a written consent from the company.

The Third Party Links

Our site might have various third party links and these third party links might have different kinds of products and information present in it. We are in no way linked with any of the products or information present on these third party sites. The policy of these sites might also be different from ours and so, we request the user to completely understand the policies before making a purchase from these third party sites.

Hacking other users' account

Trespassing others privacy is violation of the law. We request you to respect the privacy of other users. You shall not try to hack or access other people's account, since doing so will be considered as breaching of privacy terms and is a criminal offense.

Change in the content of site

We hold the legal rights to update or make any changes to the site content according to our requirement. We might not give the user prior notice of any changes made on the site, so you are requested to check the policies of the site before every new purchase.

If you have any queries in regards with the Terms and Conditions of the policies, please contact our customer care unit.

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