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Refund, Return & Cancellation

This section of policy elaborates how we deal with the possible cases, though rare, but might occur. The following scenarios are one of those reasons we won't deny your returns and/or refunds.

1. You never get the chance to receive your package despite of waiting for so many days.

2. The products that you get are damaged or incorrect, either in number or size or type, or all.

In any of the above mentioned cases, we will give you options to either return back the received items and proceed for refund, OR wait for another product to arrive if we have that in stock. Kindly ensure us that you promptly inform our customer support team within the first few days, else the returns won't be accepted. Also remember to provide the necessary proofs to support your claims.

We do not proceed for refund if you have not received your parcel because of the fault at your own side, such as mentioning the incorrect postal address. We also do not accept the returns if you no longer in need and change your mind post product's delivery.

Please note that our customer support department is going to handle everything right from receiving the claims till your money refund. The department holds the responsibility of either accepting your claims or rejecting them. We refund the 100% of the original cost price of the products, except the handling and shipping cost you spend while returning the items.

We usually act swiftly as soon as the claims are proved being genuine and refund the money. If you find out that the amount hasn't refunded yet you must talk to your Credit card company. It usually reflects till within few days.

We only accept the cancellation if you swiftly cancel the order within 24 hours. After this interval we generally dispatch the items, though it is possible that you contact for the cancellation within the first 24 hours only but still we already send the parcel. The latter case is rare but quite probable and we won't be able to help you on this matter as well.

For more queries and concerns you may talk to our customer support department executive(s) and they would be more than happy to help you.

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