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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy illustrates about the types of information we gather from our subscribers or visitors or users, and methods how we collect and deal with those gathered data. There are basically two kinds of information that we receive from our users.

A few data is collected indirectly by us in order to know about our users, this involves the users' Internet Protocol (IP) address only. This is collected by storing a cookie file in your system.

These files help us know about your field of interest so that we could do the personalized settings for you if you have created an account. Though it still cannot show your personal identification unless you willingly share it with us.

The information collected directly from the user straight via filling up a form online in which the users' basic information is collected such as their full name, address, email ID, phone number, etc. We do not circulate anyone's information to third parties unless those third parties are somehow involved in our order/delivery process. The set norms and certain restrictions don't allow them to learn any more details of customers. Your Credit Card number and other information are only asked while you buy something from our website.

We send weekly or monthly email that covers the newsletters, combo offers, special deals, discounts, etc. to our subscribers and other users. Anyone who receives this and is no longer interested may anytime unsubscribe from getting such emails.

You may contact us through the postal address provided in the site, in case of any doubt that still prevails.

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