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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently asked question section contains the 'most asked questions by the users'. If you have any different queries please send us.

1) What all type of cards can I use to make the payment?

A. Right now we use only Credit cards and no other cards. So, you need to have a Credit card for making the payment.

2) Can an order be placed on weekends?

A. Yes you can place any order according to your convenience. Time and date is no barrier. But, the processing of the order will begin only on the business day coming next to the weekend.

3) Are my Credit card details safe with you?

A. Yes, We have embedded the latest security techniques into our payment gateway that ensure that your data is safe with us. The SSL technology using the encryption technique safeguards your data from external threats. Please refer our Privacy Policy to know more about the techniques we use to protect your data,

4) Can I purchase two different products at the same time?

A. Yes, you can buy any number and type of products in one single purchase.

5) Is it possible to make a purchase without creating an account?

A. Yes, it is not necessary for you to create an account with us for making a purchase, but we do recommend, creation of an account with us because of the various facilities we offer. For purchasing without an account, you can use the guest posting account option.

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